Virtual Institute on Poverty Related Diseases

Dissemination module

This module contains documents that are made available to raise awareness among general public as well as the policy makers, industries and other stakeholders to promote the EURIPRED project vision and its achievements. As a living document, the content of this communication module will be constantly updated reflecting the impact of the EURUPRED project's dissemination activities addressed to raise awareness and acceptance of scientific and public audiences and reaching the broadest possible audience and create a framework for knowledge transfer between research centers and industries. 
The dissemination of the EURIPRED project is considered a key issue to establish a cross-link to public authorities, end-users, the PRD scientific community as well as EU and non-EU citizens. The disemination activities will be carried out with a proactive participation of the whole EURIPRED consortium. 
The groundbreaking EURIPRED project coordinates and integrates international resources into a single specialised infrastructure to support European HIV, TB, Malaria and Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus studies from early drug, vaccine and microbicide discovery to clinical trials. 
There will be a commitment to dialogue and connections with key research institutions to ensure their buy-in. The dissemination module will promote the Project's visibility looking at ways to develop effective methods to disseminate synthesised information to global stakeholders using reports, briefs, project website and the virtual institute that aims at the preservation and expansion of the Project's impact. 
The Project's partners will participate and present at global stakeholder workshops, meetings and international conferences to disseminate the output and services resulted from EURIPRED. Manuscripts will be submitted for peer-reviewed journals to showcase project findings. The dissemination module is also linked to the networking module of the platform creating opportunities for scientists from candidate countries, new member states, and also from the developing countries, to become integrated into EURIPRED. Dissemination to non-specialized audience is another important activity to promote the Project's dissemination activities.


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