Virtual Institute on Poverty Related Diseases

24 June 2016

Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS (Russia) has joined the EURIPRED EXTRANET

The main directions of scientific research center are:
studys of the HIV epidemics for improving a surveillance system;
studys of the HIV pathogenesis;
improving treatment of HIV infection, testing and introduction of new drugs;
creation of molecular methods for diagnosis of HIV infection and related diseases;
development of measures for social and psychological adaptation of HIV-infected individuals;
development of effective interventions to prevent HIV infection.

Achievements. The center has developed and implemented a novel method for the epidemiological surveillance of HIV infections in Russia.
Designed and implemented federal and regional computer database for a single registration of all cases of HIV infection and AIDS from tests for HIV antibodies.
Regularly publishes a newsletter on the epidemiology of HIV infection.
Established a clinical classification of HIV infection.
Conducted tests of new drugs for HIV treatment.
Developed new strategies for HIV infections treatment.
In - house training to improve skills of doctors, laboratory technicians, epidemiologists and infectious diseases.