Virtual Institute on Poverty Related Diseases

23 June 2016

Institute of Vaccines and Sera (Russia) has joined the EURIPRED EXTRANET

Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera - is a leading organization in the field of medical microbiology, virology, immunology, biotechnology and creates a new generation of immunobiological preparations for vaccination, immunotherapy and diagnosis of infectious diseases The institute is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Russia, founded in 1919.
The Institute carries out prime  research on fundamental and applied topics, aimed at studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity against bacterial and viral infections, genetics and molecular biology of viruses, the development of means and methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, development of nanotechnology and the use of nanomaterials for the development of new medical immunobiological preparations, as well as the study of patterns of epidemic prolifiration  of viral infections.
The Institute works in a close cooperation with the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health and Social Development of  Russian Federation, it is actively cooperating with the l healthcare providers. The Institute has strong contacts with scientific institutions od the  Academy of Medical Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences and foreign organizations. It has developed a strong  programme on studies of HIV, TB and other infectious diseases.