Virtual Institute on Poverty Related Diseases

16 August 2016 has joined the EURIPRED EXTRANET

UniVax will solve this restriction by generating multimeric, self-replicating, universal Flu RNA (RepRNA) vaccines delivered by synthetic, biocompatible, biodegradable carriers. It is targeted to DC receptors due to the essential role of these cells in efficient immune defence development. Co-formulation with novel mucosal adjuvants - also applicable for parenteral vaccination - potentiates development of humoral and cellular immune responses. The latter includes both cytotoxic and the multifunctional T cells related to robust protective T-lymphocyte immunity. Together with the RepRNA providing several rounds of antigen production within DCs, UniVax creates the means for efficacious induction of robust humoral and cell mediated immune (CMI) defences in an SME-dominated concept.

UniVax core technologies are based on is synthetic RepRNA encoding multimeric Flu virus antigens. The multimeric approach derives from current knowledge on combining antigens important for inducing robust immune response. Our unique synergistic approach combines technologies and SME potential to protect RNA from nucleases and enhance delivery efficiency due to the UniVax consortium collective knowledge on polysaccharide, lipid and polyester biotechnologies.

UniVax will generate essential data on integrating innovative technologies for RepRNA, synthetic delivery, ligand-based targeting of DCs and mucosal adjuvanting. The prototype of synthetic RepRNA vaccines with innovative mucosal adjuvants will be evaluated pre-clinically and clinically, providing data on efficacy of vaccine delivery for breadth and duration of protection.